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2018 Availability dates

May 19th-May 26th
May 26th-June 2nd
June 2nd-June 9th
June 9th-June 16th
June 16th-June 23rd
Timberwolf, Wall Tent
Lynx, Wolverine
Wall Tent
Catalina,Wall Tent

June 23rd-June 30th
June 30th-July 7th
July 7th-July14th
July 14th-July 21st
July 21st-July 28th
Bobcat, Catalina, Wall Tent
Badger, Marten, Catalina, Wall Tent
Fisher, Wolverine, Beaver, Marten, Catalina, Wall Tent
Wall Tent
Lynx, Marten, Badger, Catalina, Wall Tent

July 28th-Aug. 4th
Aug. 4th-Aug. 11th
Aug. 11th-Aug. 18th
Aug. 18th-Aug. 25th
Aug. 25th-Sept. 1st
Marten, Catalina, Wall Tent
Timberwolf, Lynx, Badger, Wall Tent
Badger, Bobcat, Marten, Wall Tent
Timberwolf, Bobcat, Wolverine, Catalina, Wall Tent
Lynx, Marten, Catalina

Sept. 1st-Sept. 8th
Sept. 8th-Sept. 15th
Sept. 15th-Sept. 22nd
Sept. 22nd-Sept. 29th
Sept. 29th-Oct. 6th
Timberwolf, Fisher, Lynx, Catalina, Wall Tent
Wolverine, Marten, Beaver, Wall Tent
Catalina,  Wall Tent
Timberwolf, Lynx, Bobcat, Catalina, Wall Tent
Timberwolf, Lynx, Bobcat,Marten, Catalina, Wall Tent