First off, having prepared for nearly 100 trips to Ontario, we have a good idea of what to bring to your next fishing trip. Try to make a list of all of the food, equipment, and supplies you will need and use this checklist to pack and prepare for your next trip. If you have any questions please just call or e-mail and we can offer some advice.

Ontario Boat Safety Information:

Non residents operating their own boats do not require proof of competency (ie. boating safety card).  Non residents renting a boat in Canada have 3 options to satisfy the boating safety requirement:

  • A Canadian-issued pleasure craft operator card.

  • A completed boat rental safety check-list (for power-driven rental boats).

  • An operator card or equivalent that meets the requirements of their state or country.

We have the boat rental safety checklist at the camp and will complete this with you when you arrive. The boat rental safety checklist will satisfy the requirement without the need for a course.
Here is a link with information regarding the regulations: Click Here

Fishing License Information

You will need both a fishing license and a valid outdoors card to fish in Ontario.
You have two options to obtain a fishing license or outdoors card.

We find the best way to get your fishing license is online and information can be found here: Click Here

Your other option is to purchase somewhere on your way up to camp after you cross the border.

Bringing Bait:

You may import earthworms as long as they are packed in artificial bedding. But it’s illegal to bring live minnows or leeches into Ontario. The same goes for live fish, smelt, wax worms, crayfish and salamanders. Frozen or salted minnows are allowed.

Beer, liquor and wine

Most anglers know that Ontario allows adults of drinking age to import, free of duty, one of the following three alcoholic beverages: a case of beer (24 (12oz) cans or bottles), a 750ml bottle of liquor or 1.5 liters of wine. If you’re bringing in more, declare it and pay the duty and tax. Alternatively you may buy beer, wine, and liquor from a retailer in Ontario.



  • Bath towels
  • 1 Gallon or bigger bags for fish processing or a roll of vacuum seal bags for use of my vacuum sealer at no cost.
  • Personal items – soap, shampoo, etc.
  • Cameras
  • Binoculars
  • Minnow bucket for bait.
  • Shore lunch equipment
  • Fishing gear, tackle, etc.  Bob may have a limited supply of his favorite lures for sale
  • Food
  • Prescription Medications
  • If using your own boat, you must bring a safety kit.
  • Sunscreen, lip balm


Popular Lures

Click on each link below for picture, description, and reviews from top sites.

Lake Trout lures

* Husky Jerk-5/8oz-Silver/Blue for Lake Trout in the spring.
* Heddon Sonar in Silver Blue color works great for summer vertical jigging for Lake Trout.
* XPS Floating Minnow in Chrome Blue Back or Olive Ghost Shad color and size 3-7/16″ and 3/16 oz usually works best also for Lake Trout in spring.

Lake Trout fishing with suckers.
* I use the 1/2 oz size for my egg sinkers.
I use size 2 hooks. Gamakatsu are the best in my opinion.
Any good barrel swivel will work.

Walleye Lures

* Rattlin’ Rapala is excellent trolling for walleye. I also caught my 46″ Northern Pike on this lure. The lure that has been around for   many years. Firetiger 2″ 3/8oz is my favorite.
* Marabou Jigs in general seem to outperform regular standard jigs. I like this brand size 1/8oz color double pink. Good for anytime of the year.
* The Original Floating Rapala is great for walleye. I like size NO. 18-7″ color Silver. Comes with 3 treble hooks.
* Walleye Spinners is a must have to locate walleye. When the bite is hard i suggest running a spinner with needle weight. I make my own but here is a example. Will have custom made ones available on site.
* Goes with above link i like using these 3/4oz weights just need a 2 way swivel for a complete spinner setup.

Northern Pike Lures

All the above lures work great for pike however all i use exclusively is the Mepps Sysclops below.

* Mepps Sysclops by far the best lure I have used for Pike. I use the hot orange in 1oz weight.

General Items needed for fishing.

* Baker Hookout nice for those pesky pike! 9 and 1/2 inch for longer reach.
* Baker Mouth Spreader always good for those pesky pike also as they inhale their bait.
* Sampo Leaders I use them exclusively and never lost a fish on them. Hold up well and don’t kink easily. You definitely get what you pay for.

Please refer to our comprehensive FAQ page for more information.